Are You Ready For Destiny Child Talent Hunt Season III?!!

destinyfinalcomingsoonThe organizers of the Gospel talent Hunt show Destiny Child have told SelahAfrik that the season 3 of the show is about to commence and as the show preps for full gear, potential contestants have being called upon to gear up for another season of thrill, excitement and heart pumping adventure.

The show seeks to give talented gospel singers a platform to showcase their creativity and launch them into professional music career aimed at spreading the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. The talent hunt offers a wide range of opportunities to young talented singers to spread the gospel through music as well as carve a career niche in the Entertainment Industry.

Israel Funsho won the first edition while Femi Flame and Raisine Brown were first and second runner up respectively. They have all gone on to build successful music ministry/career using Autograph Records’ platform, so also J.Dess who emerged winner of the season 2.

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