#SelahMusic: Kayode Olusoji | Alujo Continua

kayodeWhile I was in the University, I did little bit of school politics and I was involved in some “Aluta” as we normally call it then. Here is our slogan, “Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta” meaning, “The Struggle continues but Victory is certain”. Not all the “Aluta” we were involved in however gave us victory, some landed us in trouble. However, when you praise and worship God, victory is certain. I therefore call this song “Alujo Continua”.

Alujo Continua is a song that will keep you dancing non-stop. You can sing the song on different occasions including wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, praise song in churches and various ceremonies. It is a song of praise to the Lord God Almighty.

Here is the slogan, when I say, ” Alujo Continua or Praises Continua, your response will be Victoria Ascerta, Healing Ascerta, Miracles Ascerta, Blessings Ascerta, Joy Ascerta, Salvation Ascerta and the list goes on”.

Meaning: as you continue to praise and dance to God, your healing is certain, blessing is certain, miracle is certain, peace is certain, joy is certain and your victory is certain in Jesus’ name.

This song is written by Kayode Olusoji and produced by Wole Oni

Listen – Alujo Continua


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Website: kayodeolusoji.net


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