Praiseworld Radio Presents #Praiseworld1000 – A 15 Day Fundraising Campaign


The gospel online community in the last couple of days has gone agog with the #Praiseworld1000 social media buzz, with a lot of people wondering what it is Praiseworld Radio is up to this time.

#Praiseworld1000 is a fundraising campaign aimed at empowering the online gospel radio station do much more than it has been doing since inception (2012). According to the management, #Praiseworld1000 is a “help-us-do-more” campaign.

We thank God we’ve been such a blessing to our listeners over the years. However, we believe we can do much more. We plan to upgrade our facility, equipment, service to you, and widening of our coverage.

To make this happen, we need N10m and we are calling on the family to support by donating at least N1000.

#Praiseworld1000 is not just a fundraising campaign, but more about a family coming together to achieve a goal, in an engaging, fun and trendy way.

We intend to run this for a 15 day period, starting from Monday November 24 to December 8, 2014.

We crave your support by joining the movement. Spread the word!  Join in building the buzz, and kindly send your donation to us via bank deposit starting November 24, 2014.


Bank Name: GTBank

Account Number: 0125104987

More donation options will be communicated soon.

The future beckons… Let’s make history together. God bless you.

For more information, contact

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