Chiika100% On SuperLunch #Gospelvibes With Marx Okereke

MarxThis week’s episode of Gospelvibes on SuperLunch, Marx Okereke played host to Tehila Record’s artiste Chiika100%.

Displaying IMG_5488.jpgChiika did not only talk about his music and video but Marx also took him through the topical discussion – “ember syndrome” illusions and perspective of the months, September through December. People always relate these months with not-so-good occurrences but this seems more like a cultural phenomenon.

Chiika sure had fun on the show as he shared some selfies with Marx and answered to some callers who were thrilled to speak with the star guest.

Keep it locked up with Marx Okereke on Superscreen’s SuperLunch #Gospelvibes every Monday by 1:30pm.


Twitter: @MarxOkereke @Chiika100Percent


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