Lara George Sits With Sam Amuka-Pemu Of Vanguard Newspaper

Lara GeorgeLara George was invited to Vanguard Newspaper office by the publisher; Sam Amuka-Pemu who is the oldest newspaper publisher in Nigeria, a veteran journalist and also known as Uncle Sam.

Lara George 2

Apparently, Uncle Sam had invited Lara George over to the office simply because he is fond of her music. According to Lara George, “Dansaki” is one amongst his favourite songs. Uncle Sam who came in a bit late held back by traffic walked in with a gift for Lara George in appreciation of her contribution to social good through her music. Lara in turn gave Uncle Sam an autographed copy of the “Dansaki” album.

Lara George 3

Lara George also took the time to share some of her grievances with some journalists and editors at Vanguard newspaper on the way Gospel artistes are being treated in the entertainment industry.

Lara George 4

“Oftentimes,” Lara George said, “Gospel artists are treated with so much disrespect, something that few would dare to show a secular artiste. In the bid to negotiate, some will talk you down and act like your work is non-existent.”

Vanguard Newspaper is one of the oldest and politically independent newspaper in Nigeria established in 1983 and published by Vanguard Media.


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