#SelahFresh: Fidel | Kamkpe

FIDEL COVER 1Gracesong Records is proud to announce the release of the first Single ‘Kamkpe’ from the nationally known singer-songwriter, Fidel, slated for the 28th November, 2014.

The song is a song of praise to God who he describes as all powerful, all knowing. Simply put “Kamkpe”

Fidel’s style of music is a class in its own that is appreciated regardless of age, style, time.  By turns, he can pick a guitar to accompany classical songs, sing in the Nigerian dialects, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Idoma effortlessly, a witty song about modern life, swing a hot jazz song, and then reach deep within your soul with his perfectly skillfully soulful style of music.

One fan describes his music as “all sorts of amazing”

Fidel is available for bookings and interviews.  Please contact Godphrey Ogenyi (og.ogenyi@gmail.com) to set up a time that is convenient.

Download & Listen – Kamkpe



Facebook: Fidel 

Website: gracesongrecords.com


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