#SelahMusic: Ernieola | You Are Worthy | Feat. CuteSagay

Ernieola2This song is a worship song expressed from A deep heart thought. According to Ernieola “You are Worthy” is a song that came to me while i was in commercial bus coming from a meeting, I was just thinking about my life and family as a whole,and how God has saved me severally from what people call ghastly accident (been a personality always on the move) and i just concluded in my heart that God is Worthy and the inspiration of the song came right there in the Bus. Listen and see reasons to be sure that ” He is Worthy” of everything!

Download & Listen – You Are Worthy

Eniola Olusoga “Ernieola” is a Nigeria recording artist ,a Lead vocalist,a background singer,a Fashion consultant and a civil engineering undergraduate. Born in Lagos, hails from Edo state, Nigeria. She started from watching several talent shows and sharpening her skill,she furthered by Joining the choir at a young age and so far she has been involved In building,supervising and leading church choirs,school choirs,groups etc. Thanking God for sparing her life during a serious sickness she went through last year she held a Praise concert, along side celebrating her birthday (19th of April)with a new single titled “Fun Eni Ope” in which she refers to God as the “God of Thanksgiving”.

She has worked with Some Couple of outstanding artiste and producers and she’s still working with some of them like Mike abdul,Big bob,monique, M.Y of Revelyte Records,TosyneScale, UltraSound to mention a few. She’s currently working on her debut album to be released 2015.


Twitter: @Erniesings2  @CuteSagay


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