Music Repartee With Alex: Bob Fitts – Shadow Of Your Wings

Bob FittAs a child, My father collected Don Moen, Maranatha Singers,  Micheal W. Smith and Bob Fitts than any other albums when foreign Gospel music began to filter into the country and these became my first encounter with the Gospel outside Nigeria. (By the way, whatever happened to Maranatha Singer? They used to be my best Gospel music group… they still are… sort of).

One of the songs that came to my head of recent from that time is “Shadow of Your Wings” by Bob Fitts. Shadow of Your Wings” is a single from Bob Fitts’ 1996 album titled “He Will Save You” released under Integrity Music. Up until last month, I still had the CD. I borrowed a friend and never got it back… can’t blame him.

I was in the midst of family when the song blared out of my lips and it didn’t take long for those around me to recognize and sing along, then we entered into the gist of how much impact the song had on us back when. Most of us agreed that the effect hasn’t change because Gospel music is evergreen. It also didn’t take long for me to surf the net and began streaming.

Bob said in the outro of the song: “Like Peter we say, where can we go Lord to find the words of life?” This is basically the theme of the song. The song is a declaration of a life subjected to God.“We cannot breathe without your breath, cannot sing without your song…” then, he went on to ask like David did, “where can I go from your presence Lord, you are with me all of my days.” Even in our deepest despair, the singer urge us to remain in the shadow of the wings of God.

If you have observe the birds, you will realize that wings have more functions than just flying, It serve the purpose of tutoring, protection and guidance. This is similar to what the singer was saying, remaining in the shadow of the wings of the almighty will tutor us to fly like Him, will provide a shelter from cold and enemies, will also guide us from straying far away before He pull us back.


I will live my life in the shadow of your lovely face

I will lift my voice to extol

Your tender mercy and Your grace

I cannot live without Your love oh Lord

I cannot breathe without Your breath

I cannot sing without Your song oh Lord

Where can I go from Your presence Lord

You are with me all of my days

In my deepest despair to the highest place

I will remain here in the shadow of your wings

(Where can I go without you Lord, in the shadow)

[courtesy Musixmatch]

Bob Fitts has been at the forefront of worship leading and song writing with an international platform in live performance and recordings for over 30 years.  His best-known song, Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty, was written while working with Youth With A Mission in Hawaii.  This, along with other songs, reached the ears of both Integrity Music and Maranatha! Music, and he was invited to record albums with both companies.  These cassettes and CDs, along with his own studio recordings opened the doors to many nations around the world.


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