Bible News: The Reason Why Men Fail | Part. 1

Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.” – James 4:3



In my experience, I have realized that humans have more capital and asset than they are actually aware of. A man who care enough to find out about his potentials will discover that the end of a discovery is the beginning of new discovery. For instance, I used to be so concentrated on my other talents that I never realized how anointed I am as a writer, neither did I know that God blesses such gifts too.

God created everyone rich but not everyone will discover the riches they carry nor turn it into tangible wealth. I want to talk to the men a little.

I have discover that one of the main reason why men fail to succeed is because of lust and as God  gives the grace this week, we will deal with this extensively… at least to a certain point.

You see, the reason why men fail is not really because they give up easily, nor is it because they are in the wrong place or job, neither is it because of excuses nor are they scared or pessimistic. All these reasons are factors that emanated as a result of the one true reason – lust!

God cannot be tempted neither does He tempt any man with evil but we are tempted when we are drawn away by our own lust, the good book says. The quest to acquire than the next person, succeed than the next person, get that attractive lady, that expensive car, that political ambition. All these lusts is what is causing failure.

Does that mean that we should not want these things? Of course, we should but according to the bible again; it says you ask amidst so you can consume it on your lust. This lets us know that the problem is not really in those possession but the motive behind wanting them. Most men no longer carry their God-given dream, they have dumped it and exchanged it for worthless ambition and chasing after vain glory. The bad thing about this is that when the chips are down and one is faced with life and death, none of the acquisition which you can see will matter but the ones that are intangible such as how many lives you touched, are you saved? Do you have the crown of life waiting for you? Is the world going to miss your presence?

I remember a past military president in Nigeria, at the point of his death, he had acquired so much money that till present date, evidences of his loots are still surfacing, the more the government seems to be freezing his foreign accounts, the more accounts they are discovering. However, when he died, the whole nation burst into celebration. He was conveyed to his grave kept in the baggage area of an aircraft. No ceremony, no sobriety, nothing! He was gone and the world felt better for it. Think about that next time you exchange your dream for material possession.


– By Alex Amos

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