Bible News: Water Will Eventually Gush Out

Then those who are lame will leap like deer, and those who cannot speak will shout for joy. Water will gush out into the desert, and streams will gush out into the wilderness.” – Isaiah 35:6

waterWhen the sanitation team cannot get water in the pipe borne water from the bore hole in my church, they have the option of getting it from a tap beneath the reservoir tank.

The tap, when you open it, will only show sign that there is water in the tank from the junction where the tap met the pipe, it will drip tiny drops but nothing will appear from the tap. No single drop of water.

I have often told people to wait a while because from experience, I know if you persist putting pressure on the tap, the water will soon gush out. The period of putting pressure always weary the arm. More frustrating is the fact that after a while of putting pressure, it will appear as if the effort is futile. Many people have given up on the tap at this point but more than once, I have seen that tap gush out water.

The last person I told to wait for the tap told me after several attempt at getting water; “are you sure this water will come out?”

I laughed and jokingly told him to have faith. He laughed and said I do but patience right now is not in excess.

It was a joke but it got me thinking; could this be the problem with most of us? We know what God can do but we think He is too slow for us.

I observed that the guy after he had patiently waited for the tap, he was able to fill over 5 buckets in five minutes than the option he was considering earlier (don’t let us go into that now). It turned out, he had more than enough.

Isn’t that what God promised us? Exceedingly, abundantly above! You may have another option which may give you a temporary result but God’s option is the best! Getting the picture?

– By Alex Amos

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