Selah’s Journal: Happy New 2015!! The Zeal Of The Lord Will Perform It

Happy New year to you all. I am so excited about what God has been doing over SelahAfrik and I can’t wait to see Him unveil more this year. I know that He has great stuff in stock for you as well. Praise God!


Drawing out my visions for the new year, I had a lot to write down which I want to see manifest and achieve. I wrote anyways but at the back of my mind, I thought to myself:

“Maybe I should reduce the list because this may be too much to achieve within a year.”

Then the Lord took me to Isaiah 9:7; the last sentence in the verse which says:

The zeal of the Lord will perform it.

Zeal means determination, passion, and the Lord is saying this year, I am passionate about you and your goals.

I went on and made my list but when I brought it before God, He spoke to me in a song to surrender it to Him.

Just like me, I know you have made your new year’s plan, you have made your resolutions but you can only strive to see in the natural the promise of God come to pass; not until you access heavenly realm and enter into divine submission to God that those long list and seemingly impossible goals become God’s passion. This is how one will be able to achieve them all.

God is passionate about His word and He is watching over it to bring it to past. God’s word is His will and if you surrender to His will, you will bring His hands into your vision and His determination will bring it all to past. Yes, he may adjust the vision from time to time but He will perform it!

Happy new year to you!

– By Alex Amos

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