#SelahFresh: Segun Israel | God Alone

IsraelA Computer Science graduate of LAUTECH, Segun Israel, is the last child of a family of five children. He started singing at an early age in an acapella group in church and had his singing and love for music influenced by his family. Segun is passionate about singing to bring comfort, hope and encouragement to people through his songwriting and singing.  He is currently a member of The Branch Ministry, a ministry envisioned to raising instruments of praise.  He loves string instruments and plays the acoustic guitar.

Written in a moment of prayer, God Alone is a song that reverences God as a sovereign King. Each word, each phrase and sentence in this song speaks of Gods greatness, majesty and beauty.  As believers declare God as the Only God, faith rises for healing, deliverance and any situation they are confronted by. Produced by inspirational producer Zino J (@Emozino), let God Alone be your song for worship in this season and beyond.

Download & Listen – God Alone



Twitter: @segunisrael_


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