#SelahMusic: Lekan Oyekanmi | Things Are Working

shift2In the heat of all that is going on in Nigeria, Lekan Oyekanmi, the Lagos Shift Ambassador 2014 has come up with a very brilliant, different mentality song titled ‘Things Are Working’.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of Gold, there’s nothing else much needed right now than a beam of light across Nigeria’s horizon and this is what Lekan Oyekanmi has depicted in this single hit track produced by Wole Oni.

The song which is available for download on Spinlet.com has sparked up various reactions in the heart of Nigerians and many are applauding the creativity and motivation behind this song that has made it a song in season and a soothe to many.

‘Lekan Oyekanmi is a music artiste and a song writer whose music album is bound to be released by February.  He is a nominee for the Tie Nigeria Ambassador award; a youth involvement in leadership initiative of the United States Consulate in Nigeria; He is currently working on His Masters in Public Health at the University of Ibadan: currently working on his Public relations Certification with the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations and is the Program Director for Manifesteen Missions and Media- a mission which provides inspiration and direction for teenagers.  He has written over 40 songs and has worked with Award winning Music producers like Wole Oni and Sammy Okposo. He has written songs for organizations and is usually invited to perform Music at events and concerts.

As you listen to this song, Lekan Oyekanmi says, ‘I hope you find a reason to still hope against all hopes that Nigeria is going to be a Nation where every national will say “Things Are Working”.

Download & Listen – Things Are Working




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