#SelahFresh: Sylvie Chibiliti | Available To You

Sylvie Chibiliti CoverSylvie Bwalya Chibiliti is a Zambian singer who sadly lost both parents to illness in Botswana, Africa.  Being orphaned and trying to come to terms with this tragedy, she buried herself in tears, music and prayer. Years later after being adopted by an American missionary family in Botswana, Sylvie moved to the United States.  She was the first African to make it as a top finalist on American Idol. After Idol, things did not turn out as planned. Due to contract issues and needing time to grow musically, mentally and spiritually.

Sylvie has now returned.  Returning back to her roots of Soul & Gospel, her voice, soul and spirit has gained the attention of many across the world including legendary Grammy award winning producer David Foster. David Foster is known for producing several hits including “I Will Always Love You” by the late Whitney Houston. Here to prove that through hard work, determination and keeping your head up through the tears, you can make it. Sylvie’s new album will be available early 2015.

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Facebook: sylviechibiliti

Twitter: @sylvierocksLA

Soundcloud: sylvierocks


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