SelahTV: “We Have Not Decided Where We Are Going” – Rev. Sam Adeyemi Speaks On 2015 Elections

Sam AdeyemiSenior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Rev. Sam Adeyemi has spoken on the forthcoming 2015 election and also
prayed for the Nation as the election day draws near.

While speaking, Rev. Sam Adeyemi made vitals points such as where the nation is headed after t election. According to him, Nigerians are fighting over who will lead but she is yet to decide where she is going. We heare myopic because we expend our energy over the closest event and we don’t look far ahead.

He said:

“We are quarreling over who will drive the vehicle, when we have not decided where we’re going.”

Rev. Sam said the church needs to be responsible for the nation but he fears for the church not to be “consumed by these issues.”

Watch Pastor Sam Adeyemi below:


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