“I Remember Seeing My Hair Come Off In Clumps” – Singer Carman Licciardello Shares Victory Over Cancer

carmanChristian artist, o, who was diagnosed with cancer early in 2012 is Cancer free. He testified of the Lord’s goodness one year after doctors had diagnosed him with a near fatal infection saying “I’m energetic and ready to start touring again on February 12th. God can turn anything around.”

The singer released an emergency update on social media in January 2014 announcing the serious condition of his health. He had also promised his fans that if it were God’s will, then he would be back on stage in 9 months time.

In his update, Licciardello described the extremity that the disease and treatment had taken on his body, explaining that he had never let go of his faith during his battle with cancer. “I remember so well washing my hair after the 3rd week of chemotherapy and seeing it all come off in my hands in clumps. I remember the agony of that giant needle in my sternum to draw out stem cells. The ports they planted in my chest to daily inject drugs. The mind numbing pain of my bones expanding to produce stem cells. Sleeping in the bathroom for days because I’d throw up so often. The dry heaves. The violent stomach cramps. Gaining 15 pounds in 3 days on chemo. Losing 30 pounds in 5 days because I couldn’t hold down a glass of water. The claustrophobic 2 hour MRI’s in that giant plastic tube. I remember one winter night catching pneumonia with no immune system and coming within inches of leaving this world. But I also remember God’s grace. I remember never getting angry or depressed. Never feeling abandoned or hopeless. It was the valley of the shadow of death but I feared no evil”

In 2014 the popular artist raised more than $538 103 in a Kickstarter campaign towards a CD, video and concert tour. He had then made a commitment to Facebook and Kickstarter supporters that he would soon be spreading the Gospel again on 100 stages across America. He thanked his supporters in his update, lauding them for their continued support. He shared: “I remember the belief you all had in me that held my mind together, kept me strong, focused and peaceful. Today I’m strong and Cancer free.”

Licciardello released his new studio album, No Plan B, in May 2014 through his independent label, Norway Avenue Records and Capital Christian Distribution. The album includes 12 tracks penned by the artist and produced by Ted T and Tre Corely. “The main message of the whole album can be found in the title track, ‘No Plan B,’ which is how I’ve lived all these years,” he said. “Even if I only have a few more on this earth, I’ll still be preaching, giving altar calls, winning souls for the kingdom and singing the songs that have the power to bring deliverance into people’s lives, whether it be in front of 20 people or 20 000 people. God doesn’t call us to be popular. He calls us to be effective and that’s always been my goal, effective right up to the end. Jesus is ‘Plan A.’ There is ‘No Plan B.’”

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