Olajumoke Adenowo Listed Amongst America’s Architectural Record Magazine’s Newsmaker – Profiled On CNN African Voices

Jumoke AdenowoNigeria’s foremost female architect Olajumoke Adenowo, has been dubbed “Newsmaker” by America’s Architectural Record Magazine which is reputed as the Time Magazine of Architecture.

In the exclusive interview with international journalist Fred A. Bernstein, Olajumoke, who was recently profiled as ‘Africa’s star architect’ on CNN African voices, speaks about her inspiring adventure as an architecture practitioner in Nigeria for over a quarter of a century. Read the interview on Architectural Record

Aside making the list of newsmakers on Architectural Records, Jumoke Adenowo was recently named AFKInsider’s African Powerful Women in Business and profiled on CNN Africa Voices  where she was named “Africa’s star architect”. She talked about being host of her show where she inspire women, how she designs both functional and beautiful structures across the continent and her top tips for success.

Watch Olajumoke on CNN African Voices below:


Twitter: @jumokeadenowo


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