“Hillsong – Let Hope Rise” Movie Gets Release Date & New Distribution Deal [+ Trailer]

Let Hope RiseAnnouncement has been made that Australian megachurch Hillsong will see the premiere of its first ever film, “Hillsong — Let Hope Rise,” released in May following news that Relativity Studios will distribute the project.

On Wednesday, Matt Alvarez, who’s overseeing the project for Relativity, the third-largest mini-major film studio in the world, said the studio is “excited” about the highly anticipated film. “Hillsong — Let Hope Rise” chronicles the journey of Australian worship band Hillsong United, which began in 1998 as a pastime for youth at church and has since grown into a global sensation.

“We are excited to share ‘Hillsong — Let Hope Rise’ with moviegoers across the United States. Chronicling this Christian band’s humble beginnings to their present day worldwide ministry is truly remarkable and worthy of their story being told on the big screen,” Alvarez said in a statement.

The news comes more than one month after major film studio Warner Bros. pulled the film from its distribution.

The Dove Award-winning band is led by Joel Houston, the son of Hillsong founders, and pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston. All 11 band members are said to be either volunteers or employees of the church.

The film is produced by Jonathan Bock of Grace Hill Media, and Matthew Weaver and Ben Field. Phil Cooke of Cooke Pictures has been named as an executive producer, along with Wayne Hughes Jr. and Greg Campbell of Cantinas Entertainment, who’s financing the project.

The film  will premiere on May 29, 2015.

Source: Christianpost


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