Bible News: God’s Glory Station | Pt.3

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, like waters cover the sea” – Habakkuk 2:14


I have been a bit obsessed with the idea of dying to self these past few days and it has a lot to do with the fact that I believe God is constructing new glory stations all around the world and I am just coveting the franchise of one of the stations!

The last time, I spoke about power stations across the nation how they are where power is channeled into your neighborhood through a transformer and then into your power circuit in your home. At each junction of the process, the power is stepped down and regulated so that it fits the regulated watt your home needs. Imagine if you had the whole of the power from the station directly in your home alone, that is just going to be disastrous.

In the same way, the glory of the Lord will come in upon us in an overflowing measure — like a flood (Habakkuk 2:14), cities, towns, states and nations will feel His presence like never before. He will overtake our well scheduled meetings and pour out His spirit. People will not know what hit them but they will need God, they will acknowledge Him but all these would have been because someone, somewhere anticipated that Glory, took it in and have it deposited into him in a far more exceeding and eternal weight. This kind of person will be the glory station for his town, city, state or nation.

Just like Elisha anticipated the arrival of Elijah’s chariot and caught twice the power Elijah worked with so much that his bones woke the dead, God is still planting glory stations all across the world today but he will only work with dead men. Psalm 24 asked the King of Glory to come in but the Psalm also gave the criteria; the King of Glory will only come in to those who have a clean hand and a pure heart, who have not lifted up their soul to the lust of the flesh or sworn a deceitful allegiance. In other words, men who have given up their lives in loyalty… Men who are dead.

– By Alex Amos

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