Music Repartee With Alex: What Gamie Fixed With “Cruci-Fix”

Hello #SelahAfrikNation, Wow, have you heard Gamie’s new single released during the Easter? Oh you haven’t… you have? Anyways, that’s what I will like to talk about for a few.

I know what you are thinking, ‘what does he know about rap music or Hip Hop that he should be talking about it’, well I know enough that dates back to 1970s South Bronx, New York block parties by DJ Kool Herc so can we get started? Thank you.

For a while now, I have always had a problem adding Nigerian rap music to my playlist (Shoutout to Bouqui, Tru South, Wallz, Sam Jamz, Joel Prodigee, Rapsodee, Provabs, Choice Edema, Nolly and a few others) because most of the songs just don’t cut it. I came from listening to Metaphoric, picturesque and narrative rap music and I have always felt like the Gospel rap artistes have always limited their creative genes as far as aesthetics is concerned but on the contrary, Gospel music thematic preoccupations should have served as the bedrock of depth and richness in content due to its high level of spirituality. What we have is artistes touching the surface and delivering Macmillian’s book rhymes… how do you want us to relate?

GamieI have not heard too many Gospel rap song that held it down on the beat, delivery and lyrical content like Gamie did with “Cruci-Fix”. Most times, It’s either the beat is good and the delivery is weak or the lyrics are just childish. Gamie fixed all these with the “Cruci-Fix” and if you have been struggling with being a fan of Nigerian Gospel rap music, oh well, Gamie just fixed that too.

Couple of months back, one of the Nigeria’s Gospel rap artistes who is a pro and has techniques jumped on a track and said ‘Amen’ (Yes… this is a sub). I felt a heaviness in my heart when I heard the song and couldn’t get over the hurt for a while because I had expected more. Rappers try to hide under the Gospel and string cheesy words together to make a song as long as it is rhyming  but ask Ron “Ronnie” Ekundayo, (the first rapper to wax a rap record in Nigeria in 1981), him and his other colleagues couldn’t even get away with it then, how do you think you will get away with it now? Because you are a Gospel rapper? Please!

It’s time rappers get more creative with contents and beats. I know of a famous rapper who traveled from states to states while compiling his album in search of beats that will enhance his message. Yours may not even be about the beat, it may be your style, are you bringing your personality into the song or are you just filling the gap till 16 bars have been completed for 3 verses? Rappers have the gift of being the creator of their unique style, what do you think you can do differently to help define your style? We don’t want another Lecrea or Da Truth, What we want is the original you. Add that to the Spirit behind your song and you will be fine.

I am not out to castigate anyone and I give Kudos to every rap artiste working hard and dropping those inspiring rap songs. I tell you, it takes the grace of God to stay sane in a perverted Entertainment Industry but you have stood your ground and repp’d Christ all day, everyday. I’m just trying to let you know, we your fans are hungry for good rap music, like when Tru South dropped “Head Full of Dreams”, when Provabs dropped “Heaven Knows”, when Nolly dropped “Jesu N’asu Igbo”, when Wallz dropped “October Reign”. Gamie just topped that a lot of notches higher and now oh ye rappers, we have moved on to greater things… who’s the rapper willing to step up?!

Download & Listen – Gamie “Cruci-Fix”


Written By @Alex_Amos


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