Bible News: Don’t Let Your Work Cease!

I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and go down to you?” – Nehemiah 6:3 [NIV]

NehemiahOften times we tend to look down on our dreams or limit what we can achieve because of what others are saying, doing or what we feel their perception is about us.

The biggest obstacle to achieving one’s desire or dream is the war you fight within yourself, than that which you fight with the external entity. It does not matter the size of your God given dream or perception of it, I want you to know it is a great work because God can take that little effort and turn it into a big deal if you are committed and faithful to its implementation and execution.

Nehemiah had a dream to see the wall of Jerusalem stand again, although he faced a lot of challenges from the get-go, he was undeterred. He was laughed to scorn, told his mission was impossible but he turned a deaf ear to what was being said and continued his mission.

A man who will see his vision and dream come to pass must learn to shut off his physical senses at some point because there is always that moment of discouragement when everything you see, hear and feel will tell you that your mission cannot be possible, if one yield to the physical senses, it will bring one down.

After Nehemiah’s antagonists saw that he was undeterred by their mockery and scorn, they proceeded to deception. He was asked to ‘come down from his dream’ and have a meeting with those who will assist him. Nehemiah said he knew they meant him arm. How many times have you had someone promised help only for them to leave you hanging in the long run. The bible says, the help of man is useless. Anyone who puts his trust in what a man can do will ultimately be disappointed. Nehemiah said ‘why should I come down to you and the work should cease?’

He could have seen the people who asked him to come down as influential people of the society (which they were) and in his head calculated how much help they could offer him but instead he chose to trust in God’s help.

Friend, no matter what your dream is today, I want you to know that although it does not feel like it right now, it is a great work you are doing. Do not come down due to discouragement and deception of men. Don’t let your work cease!

– By Alex Amos

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