#SelahMusic: Dafidi | He’s Amazing

dafidiAdeife David Olajide also known as Dafidi is multi talented season worshiper whose originality cuts
across music as a multi instrumentalist,Music director,Voice trainer,Song writter, Arranger and a Producer.

The passion for music started way back from primary school,getting into the the secondary education system gave him to explore more as a lead vocalist,and the leader of the school choir

After secondary school, Dafidi came up with a vision named De Apostles (A group of seasoned worshipper who are guys), with these crew they went for different competitions and concert,which was always successful.

Dafidi has impacted lifes in different ways and his goal and aim in life is “raising up roal models for God’s inner glory”.

December 2014,He came up with a Recorded single Titled;He’s Amazing, depicting how amazing n magnificient God is,despite our flaws,mistakes and despite d scars he kept us alive without collecting a dime,he guided us,protected us without any ransom

Download & Listen – He’s Amazing



Twitter: @Davepians


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