SelahTV: Tony Zino & The Ark Bearers | Your Mercy | Feat. Enitan Adaba

Your Mercy“Your Mercy” Album is a Live Concert/Live Recording of all the songs by Tony Zino & The Ark Bearers in Surulere Lagos, Nigeria. Mixed in Beijing China, the CD also features Artistes like Enitan Adaba, Emmanuel Uwechue, Emmanuel Obanor, Marion Uwechue etc with contributions from Nathaniel Bassey & others.

The central message of the CD or the Music is God’s mercy for everyone as individuals and as nations of the world. The message is greater than the messenger, therefore, the focus is NOT on Tony Zino or anyone but basically on God & His the message.

An unusual experience Tony Zino had with God, gave birth to the song “Your Mercy” which is also the title of the CD. God promised him sure mercies and for everyone who will participate in any way either by listening, playing, promoting, singing these songs, etc.

There are 9 tracks in the CD and all songs were inspired by God. Listen/watch videos & get Life from God!

Your Mercy


See track listing below:

 1. High Praise

2. Your Mercy

3. Glorify Your Name

4. Elohim

5. I Love You

6. Thank you Lord

7. Redeemed

8. Light

9. Sweet Holy Spirit/Release your Glory



Twitter: @Apostle_Zino

Facebook: Tony Zino


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