#SelahFresh: P’Harmony | Praises Go Up

praises go upHere is the very much awaited brand new single from one of South South’s urban Praise Machines. His name is P’Harmony and together with his cohort, Mirobed, they bring some melodious harmony to your life as they direct their praises to God on this song.

P’Harmony is one of the young gospel rappers in Africa that are still holding on to the truth of the gospel despite the flip of minds around them. He is known for his trademark vivacious rap lines that always attempts to take church to the streets with a passion that visibly brews.

His latest release, ‘Praises Go Up’, is another dance on the groovy sides of the gospel and an amazing song that is bound to keep your feet moving and head nodding to its chimes, vocals and strums.

On the track,  Mirobed comes in with a good hook and the producer, Otyno brought in ad libs that make the track oh-so-complete. P’Harmony weaves a tapestry of praise to God as he slides through the beat with lines delivered and English and a splatter of vernacular. His mother tongue delivery leaves us gasping for more lines in vernacular and we really do hope to hear a full ‘mother tongue delivered’ song from his soon.

In the meantime, download and enjoy this brand new praise joint from Mr P’Harmony below…Gospel groove will never be the same again with him around!

Download & Listen – Praises Go Up



Twitter: @IamPHarmony


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