Bible News: Merits Of Principles | By @Sam_Adeyemi

[There is] Abundance of food [in] the tillage of the poor, [but] substance is consumed without judgment. – Prov 13:23 YLT

Sam AdeyemiIn my journey to success, I discovered when you have a powerful vision, you realize you don’t have the power to make the vision happen.  So what do you do when you are in such a situation?

You can leverage principles to achieve amazing results. What do I mean?

I have a small quantity of maize; vision helps me to recognize the potential harvest in my few maize seeds. How do I translate from seed to harvest? I use the principle of sowing and reaping. I cannot make a seed grow, but God in his infinite wisdom has invested the power to make a seed grow in nature. I choose to align with God’s principles and use them to multiply the little resources that I have.

The person who trivializes the importance of principles is in for many struggles in the bid to achieve success. If you refuse to leverage principles to achieve results you are likely to come face to face with desperation & ultimately frustration.

Our world is under the control of principles. The more you understand those principles & satisfy their conditions, the more mastery you have to get your dreams & aspirations fulfilled.

Principles are external road maps; if you are traveling, you do not need to invent your own map, especially if you do not know the road. The best thing to do is get an authentic road map and follow the directions. That is what principles are, they give us directions, and they make decisions easy for us in life.


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